MAX Maintenance Manager

MAX Maintenance Manager is dedicated to our passenger boarding bridges (PBBs) and allows simple, flexible management of maintenance tasks and data for a variety of airport assets on the apron and in the terminal. From managing spare parts across different warehouses to creating purchase orders, opening tickets for your workforce, and following up on interventions, MAX Maintenance Manager has it covered.

As well as improving uptime, workforce efficiency and turnaround performance, MAX Maintenance Manager facilitates easy digital documentation and reporting with centralized data storage. It also allows information sharing for A-CDM*, helping you to leverage the power of collaboration. For maximum peace of mind, MAX Maintenance can be accessed 24/7, from any device, anywhere.

* Airport Collaborative Decision Making

MAX Maintenance Manager is:

Pre-configured for a quick start. We set the system up according to your requirements, including defining user roles, creating staff logins, and loading asset and spare part data

Flexible and future ready. Just choose your required modules at installation and add more later at your convenience

Scalable to meet changing needs. New stands and assets can be added easily when the airport configuration changes

Quick, convenient and always-on. The interface is clear and intuitive allowing you to create new user accounts, change user rights and export data and reports in seconds. The system can be accessed day and night, from any location, on any device

Valuable from day one. Contact us to find out about flexible pricing options and trial installations