MAX Automate

MAX Automate automates the docking process to maximize efficiency. Combining remote control technology with automatic docking support, it leads the way to more accurate and autonomous operations with minimized risk of human error.

Problem-free passenger boarding

Airports are the one place where everyone is on a tight schedule. Whether passengers are travelling for work, leisure, or just passing through, their experience is enhanced by smooth and efficient flow management. Our Automation solution, MAX Automate, ensures that passenger boarding bridges move into place efficiently, predictably and safely to ensure the reliability and safety of PBB equipment at every step.

Remote Control System

Allowing control of multiple bridges from one remote location, our Remote Control System creates new efficiencies and a host of possibilities. For example, it can be used to control one or multiple airports depending on flight demand and is adaptable to accommodate the needs of users with reduced mobility.

Automatic Docking Assistance

Automatic Docking Assistance guarantees the best performance in any situation. By making operations consistent and repeatable, it avoids incidents during the turnaround process. It also prolongs the lifetime of equipment and wearables.

MAX Automate benefits

Increased efficiency and staff optimization as no time is wasted moving from one PBB to another

Operational availability guaranteed

Increased security, with the potential to place remote posts in the terminal building

Better working conditions for operators, including an accessible workspace for employees with disabilities

Reduction in vehicle use and associated CO2 emissions